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Community Languages Schools' Grant

    2016 Funding Process - Message to principal

    With the end of term fast approaching, please be reminded that the deadline for funding applications is Friday 1 April.
    It is important that you submit 1) the funding application form and 2) the Excel spreadsheet containing student data on time, to enable data cross-checking and timely payment of grants.
    Please do not hesitate to contact Fahry or should you have any queries.


    • Applications for per capita funding and Excel spreadsheet due - 1 April 2016
    • Final Reports for funding received in 2015 due - 15 April 2016
    • Processing of student enrolment data/final grants calculated by DET - April 2016
    • Common Funding Agreements sent to CLS - By 29 April 2016
    • CLS return signed Common Funding Agreements to DET - 13 May 2016
    • Payment of grants to CLS - By 31 May 2016

    2016 Accreditation Process

    The Department of Education and Training (DET) has made a change to the accreditation process for community language schools.
    The Research Unit for Multilingualism and Cross-Cultural Communication (RUMACCC) has been appointed to help undertake the accreditation/re-accreditation of community language schools on its behalf.

    Community Languages Australia / ESAV facilitated Two Information Sessions (2/9/2016 & 5/9/2016) conducted by RUMACCC staff to explain the accreditation guidelines.
    CLA/ESAV will provide schools the necessary assistance to prepare and submit their applications for re-accreditation.
    The closing date for applications for re-accreditation is 31 October 2016 .

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Statistical Data
Language Total Schools Total Students
Chinese 27 6,284
Greek 38 9,968
Vietnamese 16 6,122
Arabic 22 3,136
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Activity Calendar


  12 THUR

Conference: 2015 Victorian Community Languages Schools Conference


  01 MON

PD: Arabic Language Workshop


  21 TUE

PD: AusVELS Languages Curriculum planning - Preparing curriculum documents for Years 5 10, session 2


  14 TUE

PD: AusVELS Languages Curriculum planning - Preparing curriculum documents for Years F 4, session 2


  13 MON

PD: Using thinking skills to engage learners


  01 WED

PD: Group work to enrich learning with new activities


  12 THUR

PD: VCE for languages


  12 TUE

Training course: VUT Uni LOTE Methodology - Phase 1&2 - Vietnamese

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